Winter Rhythm

winter forest

I love the idea of having a strong daily rhythm and being guided by the seasonal rhythm of the year.

I deeply believe that it’s good for us to live in tune with natural rhythms. The menstruation cycle is a good example for a rhythm within us (being 28 days on average, the same as the moon cycle).

I can imagine how comforting and nurturing a daily rhythm must be for young children. And yet, I struggle with implementing it. I keep making plans just to break out of my own rules the next day again.

I always loved to be spontaneous which isn’t easy with young children anyway. Sometimes if I look at my planned out day I feel as if there is no sense of adventure left in my life. But that isn’t the truth. My adventures just happen on another level these days. This whole parenting thing seems to teach me again and again to take pleasure in smaller things, in the beauty of every day.

Before I had children my need for adventure was fulfilled when I travelled, met new people, saw new places, hopped on a bus or a train to see what happened, where I ended up. I don’t think it’s impossible to do those things with children and I hope to travel a lot with them in the future. But for now I want to invite rhythm and simplicity into our lives.

winter rhythm

Creating a structure to the day like this isn’t supposed to have rigid rules about what we do next but rather gives a frame or sets priorities.

I noticed for example how much my children love their bedtime routine and it works surprisingly well.

We also started a new morning routine during the week: Papa gets up when Lenja and Finn wake up around 7 am, enjoys breakfast and some quality time with them while I get some time to write.

Routines like this give us predictability and even freedom because the children know that they always have Papa’s undivided attention in the morning and I know that I will be able to start my day with writing.

A Rhythm makes it easier to concentrate on the tasks on hand and to experience a certain flow to the day. So morning and evening routines work more or less and I will keep working on the time in between.

If you are interested in creating more Rhythm to your day there is a great post by Kathy Stowell in the winter edition of “The Rhythm of the Home” (a free quarterly online magazine with lots of Waldorf inspired ideas, crafts and recipes). She also just did a little video series on the topic on her own Blog if you want to check it out (you can find Part 1 to 4 here).

Do you have a rhythm to your day or your week? What do you think about creating a daily rhythm? Do you find it constricting or empowering? I would love to hear your opinions!

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