Winter Crafting and Baking


Brrr…it’s getting cold around here. First snowflakes and frosty car screens in the morning. Just the right time to get cozy with hot tea, candles and winter crafts inside. I got some colourful wool for exploring, crafting, weaving. The kids found lots of uses for it already. We made a …

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It’s a choice, isn’t it?


Instead of doing the things that need to get done I’ve always prefered to make plans and create systems for the things that need to get done. One night I came up with this idea: I made two felt boards (actually, I used polar fleece instead of felt and it …

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Home Abroad


Blogging with three children is so much harder than blogging with two. With three there just always seems to be something going on. I’ll try anyway. A little update on our situation first. A few weeks ago we found an appartment in a small village next to the village that …

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