Tactile Memory Game


You probably know the regular memory game where you have to find matching card pairs. This one is a bit different because it requires your children to “feel” the matching pairs. You can easily find plenty of interesting objects in the woods around this time of the year. Collect 2 …

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Make your own Plant Bingo


Here is a nice game you can easily make yourself. There are many different ways to play it so you can adapt it to the area you live in or where you take a walk sometimes. If you have more than one child it could be fun to make this …

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Healthy Hedgehog Breakfast Rolls


In Germany we make a dough which is called “Quark-Öl-Teig”. It includes oil and “Quark” which can be difficult to find in other countries. You could either make it yourself (but I haven’t tried this myself yet) or just use half natural yoghurt, half sour cream instead. That is what …

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